Tuesday, January 25, 2005

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Friday, January 21, 2005

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

2005 | year of cocktails

2005 | year of cocktails Posted by Hello

fellow bikes, considering the grand success of the "nukular" that we took out on our grand trip to hyd-B, it has therefore been decided by the BBDC (Bikang Booze Drinkers Comittee) that the year 2005 be called the year of cocktails.

so, hear ye hear y'all its a nukular being here anyhow.

cocktail ideas are welcome for party on 22nd.



It's a zu ha ha being here anyhow

15 numbers tickets procured...for the grand zu ha ha on Feb 4, 2005, Palace Grounds, Bangalore (gates open at 17:30). They've actually got the following printed on the tickets:

"9. The consumption of alcohol or any other banned substances is strictly prohibited."
"11. Smoking is strictly prohibited."

(zu) HA HA HA!

1 numbers free suggestion: How about we create a songlist for this gala bikang event? Might be of use during the roadtrip that precedes it and revelries that follow? Similar strategy should be adopted for Inees' B'day bash and all Bikang events in general.

Junta could submit requests/mp3s and a nominee/volunteer DJ could compile a songlist out of it and burn to CD. That way we'll have a musical album of bikang history. Wotsay? Here are my requests:

For Jan-22:
Some Queen, Some Dan, Still Diggin on James Brown - Tower of Power (Live), We are the world - Bikang version, It's your birthday (?).

For feb-4:
Any or all of police (except 'Every Breath You Take'). Anything from 'Ten Summoners Tales'.


P.S. I propose that we use the concert weekend to settle the long standing bikang dispute: Who sings zu ha ha better - Sting or I?!

P.P.S. Trpr Psaignn, well done with the layout - the future is bright, the future is Lime Green!

P.P.P.S. Cost per ticket 900 + delivery charge per ticket 25 = Total 925. Kindly repay in cash as I can't deposit cheques or do transfers. Peace.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bikers are invited...

Launch an alternate page
(Copy the link to your Explorer Address bar if there are problems viewing the above link)

You may also download the invite clicking here...

Blaze setting foot in da house now.

Invites are getting printed as you're reading this. They would soon reach you.

But hey, there also is a party sometime around the 11th of February, 2005.

15 bottles of BAHAARDI are being procured for the occassion. But someone has to help me find a beach house...

Shall meet up with you guys soon.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Grand ZU ha ha festival

The current total of bikes from chennai due to proceed for the grand zu ha ha at palace grounds is 13.
This will mean three cars. Currently we have two thrown into the travel pool.
So one more member shall have to be forthcoming with his/her car.
The current list is as follows

1 Druck
2 Thile
3 Kishore
4 rayge
5 graooul
6 snon
7 sumanth
8 inees
9 hainn
10 wretch
11 caddy
12 labdee
13 iiii

any others please confirm by tonight otherwise it might mean you missing the grand zu ha ha.

peace and many more zu ha has

Jan 11th

Enter the Bikang

All please note.
One yr since Axe & Honey left India.
Have a drink.



Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Clothes do make the man?

Or Skins do make the blog? Does anyone agree with me that this new skin is a little serious and straight-laced - two things bikang definitely is not? Looks sort of like an IT company's message board or something.. or is it just me?

Ta-ble Ten-nis, Table Tennis Now Begins........

Continuing in the sporting vein of the CUPtrophy, Messrs Sriram and Koidy have come with a TT table (jointly owned) and have also provided two community raquets. Table is located at residence of Sriram (alternate cricket venue) close to Nageswara park in Mylapore. Sportsmen and women are invited to display their skills at the table. It is recommended that own equipment is brought by whoever happens to own some.

Dare i suggest a Davis Cup style tournament? Oooooooh..........

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Anybody found my glasses

I would like to report missing my pair of sunglasses, dark black along with standard issue black ray ban case.
These items were last seen on the dashboard of i420 on new years eve.
If anybody has any information regarding this, please contact me directly.
finders will be suitably rewarded.