Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Daddy Run or Dial Champak or just Die Laughing

WHETHER YOU are a King or Pauper a few drops of rain will fall on you during the rainy season. You may be in an A/c Office but the rain chases you when you hit for home. Living in a Champak Estates house, your Car Drives into the Covered zone. You return safely into your wife’s arms cuddled like a baby. “O how choweet you are” says she. Well buddy, thank Champak, (A) for Keeping you warm (B) for Keeping you in Good Books of your wife (C) Protecting you School – Going Children. Champak Is a friend of your entire family (Strictly excluding your jeans – Clad, Navel Exposing, Low necked plumpy Office Seceretary). “Daddy Mummy’s after you with her usual Chappathi roller. She as read you mind. Run Daddy run”. Dial Champak 64565374/9884417574.

The Hindu, Property Plus, Page7, Saturday August 4, 2007

Random Oyins

Went shopping for various oyins today and found some real gems. They appear oh-so-appetizing!