Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Team 3 Rocks Amateur League in Durban

For a long time we thought we were Railways 4 until they announced at the Awards Ceremony that we were Railways 3 and referred to as Team 3!!!

We received a special award for our performance in the league at an awards ceremony held on the 28th of May. We received special mention for being the first overseas team to play in the Durban Amatuer league since its inception. To top it our boys won the awards for Best Batsman and Best Bowler for the season. So now we are sure that non sub continent guys cant play spin at any level.

Inis - Squatting on the right extreme

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The one true Pulasthicator

I've always wondered what the originator looks like. He looks mildly pulasthicated to boot... Whatte loulie!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Our friends the tongue-twisters...

Kanchana has been finding it difficult to say/remember the simple names "Caddy and Labdee". Here are the variations she has used so far:


Any other variations out there? Suggestions invited...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

its a revival of endless laughter


all ye fans of the legendary tabartor, bijroth, lifafi, phunzagra and one more.

world famous RAJ COMICS of Nagraj fame has a wesbite, all their heroes with vital statistics and their allies enemies, anemas, are all in there waiting to be discovered.

please discover and die laughing




Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Heap big happenings!

California trip. Camping in Yosemite National Park. Kanchana survives. Mild interview scene. Shengar lands a job. Thought process begins...

The Dees are spotted! True Fun shack behaviour. Arrival at house of Dees. One oms. Some oyins. Reminiscence of lost days. Scopal of Caddy's V-Session drum kit! Cookal of chicken curry. Uber-kaaram. Mild music. Steely Dan. One oms. Meals. X-box based racing. The glorious nonexistence of Shengar's racing skills. Death of Kanchana. Some oyins. X-box based tennis. Repeat of glorious suck-fest. One oms. Some oyins. Video goodness. OD in Kodi. Emergency munchies. Parotta and chicken curry. Shengar, Ca and Labdee conduct instant intake of grub. Kanchana much amused. More video goodness. Interview of his-own and upe leading up to Efeth audio release. Jubbs on stage. Inees interview hilarity. 5 am. Some oyins. Global death. Early morning (noon). Continued death of Dees. Shengar cheats and calls both their cell phones. Muahahaha. Off to Denny's diner for breaker. Coffee, omelettes. Discussion of omelettes, eggs and tubers of Koramangala. Return to Dee's Fun Shack. One oms. Mega-pulasthicator. Relax. Music. Plans made for next Bikang video. Bikang clan forms scootang clan. Whatte loulie!

Meeting of Shengars and Matheshs for lunch. Singaporean/Malaysian/Indonesian/tiny asian country restaurant. Beer. Mojitos. Beer. Mild food. Wives chat. Husbands drink. Plans are made for evening. More interview goodness. Shengar gets email from various universities. spends half a day crafting replies. Evening arrives. Mathesh arrives. WITH OLD MONK!!!! Old Monk-iness commences. Bottle polished off, scootal of Mathesh, death of Shengar. Early morning morning non-wake up of Shengar. Kanchana packs.

Return of Shengar and Kanchana to Toronto. Admission for MBA from U of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Whatte loulie! Rum and coke. Rum and coke. Rum and coke. Rum and coke. Rum and coke. Turn down job offers. Gearing up for reception. Open bar at reception. Muahahahahaha. Rum and coke. Rum and coke. rumandcokerumandcokerumandcokerumandcoke.

All things are loulie...

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Sevai. Rice with sambar. Rice and sambar and potato curry, curd rice. Bite of subway sandwich. No vadumangaa pickle.

Lodd says she and Negha weigh the same. Pfffft.


The moon is back.

Kishore's hands are full. With his hair. Lodd wants to be spared. And she cries. Ainnngnnhh...

What is the glue used in Post-its. Quai wants to know...

Its 100 seats each, but DMK is going to win. Coalition government. Bad for the state (junta) - Ling

Friday, May 05, 2006

Cape of Goodope

Absolutely top of the charts. Sample it here.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Real Cheetah Fight!

We spent the last weekend at a Cheetah and Serval Cats Rehabilitation and i witnessed the Real Cheetah Fight.

Monday, May 01, 2006