Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Party, anyone?

Whathefuck, man.... no upcoming posts about partay for New Year's Eve.... What happened to the true warriors? The one true Shengar is taking out New Year in Toronto. Other bikes? Ring in '07, man... Give it a bang in the industry.


Monday, December 18, 2006

He's back!

One more round. Come more round. Adriiiaaaaan....

Rocky Balboa is back. One last time, the final curtain, the epilogue to the greatest movie series of all time. 60 year Rocky Balboa, now owner of an italian restaurant and reduced to entertaining guests with anecdotes of his former glory gets into the ring on last time to take on current world heavyweight champion - Mason 'the line' Dixon. Rocky feels he still has 'stuff' in his 'basement' and when a computer simulation shows the world that the current champ (Mason) would not be able to stand the punching power of the former world champ (Rocky), promoters start throwing together an event that will shake the foundations of boxing.


Come December 20th, the world's greatest underdog story becomes the world's longest underdog story with the last chapter happening 30 years after the first Rocky swept the Oscars.


Get ready for the battle of the decade as Rocky once again climbs the famed stairs of the Philadelphia Musuem of Art.

This is going to be the best. Check out a dialogue sequence between Rocky and his new 'villian' Mason 'the Line' Dixon.

Mason: "It's over for you."
Rocky: "Nuthin's over 'til it's over"
Mason (laughs): "When's that line from? The Eighties?"
Rocky ((smiles): "Actually, I think that's from the seventies."


AXE out.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Decemberrrr !!

4.30 pm on the 8th - No Dhoom 2, No fast indians, No koodhinumnum, No gymkhana, No car stereo thefts, No Champagneee, No Speed, No takila Shots, No Spillage, No John-zakir and the boys, No Soul Calibre, No Pro evo, No oms, No Monk... yet! By far the slowest day of this month!!!

Come of raaaa... the still is night young... we can salvage this one!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Humko Enthu Maangtha...!

Ok children, the deed is done. Initiative taken. WAKE UP!!!

Cup trophy probables:

Vic P
Narendra (such is life!)
L blaze

Add on...

Peacefully there are 4 teams. 6 league matches. 2 Semis. 1 Finals. Starting 26th. Tony insists that the finals be on 31st. But I say 30th, purely for logistical reasons. Prize distribution and New year's party on Top T. We'll get off chief guest. Sara? Sam?? Viraj, again???

Put committee, get captains, pick teams, make rules, while I prepare the pitch and the ground and inform all concerned.

Cup trophy to be flagged off at Christmas party, chez moi.

Zeb, Arumugam, Murugan, T shirt alert!!

Okayyy..., where is the trophy? With D&Z, I suspect and hope, ever so fondly...

BTW, 17th Deep Purple in Blore, I'm there anyways, who else is??

Friday, December 01, 2006

Its Back!!!

December is. And was duly rung in by bikes on Top T with FIREWORKS!

December is here, Negha has taken first steps, we have realized we can play musich on X Box, too much excitement only!

Children, Cup Trophy?