Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Effeth Revival


It has been a long time since some nonsense has been perpetrated, so here goes:

A few days ago, the wife decided to go to the local Indian store and check out what movies were available on DVD. She noticed the world-famous "Kadhal FM", and remembering that Jubbs and Self worked on it, rented the movie. Having seen this excresence once, and knowing that once was enough, I refused to watch the movie. The boss of the household informed me that I had to watch the songs becuase my friends had worked on the movie. So watch the songs we did. And that's when we found the ultimate zinger. IT COMES WITH SUBTITLES!

Reproduced below, for your reading pleasure are the subtitles for the songs "Kadhal FM" and "Un Udalile". Enjoy!

Aadam Eval
This is your 'Love Love' programme
I am waiting for your calls
Lovers may dial 24....
We'll discuss about your romantic experiences
Why about romance?
You may ask
For all lovers....
Shall we listen?

Apple mediated love in Adam-Eve's generation
Dove mediated love in Hyder Ali's generation
Shyness mediated love in grandparents' generation
Letters mediated love in parents' generation
But to mediate love in our generation....
We've 'Love FM'
We've 'Love FM'

It is a good song, whenever I hear this song I become happier
-What song you want?
-You are now listening to...
Love FM, love FM

College romance starts with 'Hi!' and ends with 'Bye!'
If love starts in 'booth' and ends in 'river bank' then it is village romance
If it involves 'scotch' and 'kisses' then it is romance of the rich
If the last seat is seeked then it is romance of the poor
All loving couples are united by...
All loving couples are united by...
Love FM love

Who is the caller?
--I am Sweta from Perambur
-Sweta whom do you love?

If angels come clad in white It's Bharathiraja's style of romance
If visuals dominates dialogues It's Mani Ratnam's style of romance
If it involves graphics It's Shankar's style of romance
If it involves teenage lovers It's Selvaraghavan's style of romance
It is a cocktail of all loving hearts

Love FM love

Un Udalile
Shall I let my soul into your body to seek you?
Allow my youth into your body and come to love
You touched and tortured me vocally
Why do you throw stones on my yearning heart?
You try to pluck my eye flowers
You try to munch me gently

When do you close your eyes my love would knock at your doors
You should open your eyes and give me a love glance
My ten fingers would make a journey on your beautiful body
During the journey, my finger prints would become a rainbow
If your hands plays my tresses like a veena (musical instrument)... tender body would scatter into pieces

Your hot perspirations would flow like holy water in my body
Put out the fire of desire with your kisses
My garments dissolved with the touch of your hands
Your mustache disappeared on drowning in my tresses
You have lit inside the match box
Where have you bundled and thrown your fear and shyness?

Monday, November 06, 2006

'Borat' Earns Glorious $26.4M in Debut>1=7701

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Not Rare

"BELLEVUE, Wash. - Amanda Brisendine attributed the 30 pounds she gained in the past year to an abandoned smoking habit and rich food. So when she went to the hospital with sharp stomach pain, she wasn't expecting to leave with a newborn son

"I don't know how I didn't know. I just didn't know," Brisendine said Tuesday from her bed at Overlake Medical Center's Birthing Center, where she delivered Alexander Joseph Britt by Caesarean section.

Doctors agree her case is not rare.


NOT RARE??!!! WTF?!!

I am worried for our species.