Friday, March 25, 2005

we live in a world of prize fools

Was Taj Mahal a Shiv temple?

March 24, 2005 13:13 IST
Last Updated: March 24, 2005 13:34 IST

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Vinay Katiyar on Wednesday claimed that the Taj Mahal in Agra was actually a Shiva temple built by Raja Jai Singh and was named 'Tejo Mai Mahal'.

"This fact finds mention in the book Badshahnama by Abdul Hamid Lahori, a close associate of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan," Katiyar said in Lucknow.

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That the Taj Mahal was a graveyard "is only a half truth", Katiyar said.

He added: "It is no doubt a graveyard as Shah Jahan brought back the body of his wife Mumtaz Mahal from Burahanpur village, where she died, and buried it in the temple after removing the Shivalinga."

"It actually belongs to us (Hindus) and we will do everything possible to reclaim it," Katiyar said.

He added that a 'Shankar Sena' would soon be formed and Damrus distributed among the people to create awareness on this issue.

His statement came close on the heels of claims of ownership of the Taj by the Shia community and Uttar Pradesh Sunni Waqf Board with the support of UP Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Azam Khan.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Hello all.

I bring you the original lyrics of Shrill Girls – the "tongue twister" that we all know so well and love so much. The original is by Dylan Thomas, would you believe it?!! (Kishore...?)

Ok here goes... enjoy.

And the shrill girls giggle and master around him and squeal as they clutch and thrash, and he blubbers away downhill with his patched pants falling, and his tear-splashed blush burns all the way as the triumphant bird-like sisters scream with buttons in their claws and the bully brothers hoot after him his little nickname and his mother's shame and his father's wickedness with the loose wild barefoot women of the hovels of the hills. It all means nothing at all, and, howling for his milky mum, for her cawl and buttermilk and cowbreath and Welshcakes and the fat birth-smelling bed and moonlit kitchen of her arms, he'll never forget as he paddles blind home through the weeping end of the world. Then his tormentors tussle and run to the Cockle Street sweet-shop, their pennies sticky as honey, to buy from Miss Myfanwy Price, who is cocky and neat as a puff-bosomed robin and her small round buttocks tight as ticks, gobstoppers big as wens that rainbow as you suck, brandyballs, wine-gums, hundreds and thousands, liquorice sweet as sick, nugget to tug and ribbon out like another red rubbery tongue, gum to glue in girls' curls, crimson coughdrops to spit blood, ice-cream cornets, dandelion-and-burdock, raspberry and cherryade, pop goes the weasel and the wind.

I want to know what he was on...

Friday, March 18, 2005

inees sendoff kingly cuptrophy oneday(ISKCON)

hear ye hear all

come sunday its the inees sendoff kingly cuptrophy oneday(ISKCON)
this particular cuptrophy will be played in a limited over format with each
team playing every other in the league phase and the best two playing the grand final

matches will be of 10 overs an innings with a 2.3 over floating field restriction(F)(which stipulates that all fielders should remain within the half terrace circle(HTA))and also behave themselves while at it

the batting captain will get to choose when the F gets enforced

ICC LBW(International cricket council lg before wicket) rules will apply

(one of those) will be no balled

the concept of "once" is now history

captains and teams will be announced soon

so hear ye hear all and show up by 4 pm on sunday at top tee

otherwise all shall be punished

for any suggestions or clarifications regarding the playing conditions please feel free to contact the BCCB

for BCCB


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

bikang blooms in march

bikang blooms in march | its now truly a fear being ere anyow Posted by Hello

here a bloom there a bloom everywhere a bloom bloom

the bikes are blooming all over town

junior bikes are cropping up

bikes are getting n-gaged some even married


whatte louly its going to be this year